Yuan Keru 袁可如

Yuan Keru (1990 Born in Hangzhou, China) is a video artist who currently lives and works in Shanghai. After graduating from the China Academy of Art in 2013, she continued her studies as a Master’s student at the School of Inter Media Art under the tutelage of Yang Fudong. Her works focus on the emotional and spiritual sustenance of the young generation, using body language and plausible scenarios to build video images. Through the interaction of visual and text, she is trying to find her own narrative, and to explore the topic of love, pain and the soul, to express consciousness and energy. She was the assistant director in Yang Fudong’s “New Women 2”. The image of her video work “Sound of The Deity” was the magazine cover of “Chutzpah!” Issue 16. She participated in the “Diamond Generation” Art Basel Salon as a representative of the post-89’s artists in Hong Kong. Her recent exhibitions include: “Here Out There”, Helsinki Festival, Finland; “Creating For The Future: Thinking The Unthinkable”, The MOMENTUM gallery, Berlin. Currently, she is working on the post-production of her first two-hour long film.

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