Mark Karasick

Mark Karasick, born in 1959 and raised in Canada, attended Art College in Toronto. He was introduced to encaustic painting in 1983 and has since continued to experiment with this Greco-Roman technique, mostly known through the Egyptian mummy portraits from Fayum and Hawara. In 1989, during his first visit to Italy, his work came to the attention of Swiss-Italian collector Signor Carlo Monzino, who sponsored Karasick to remain in Italy for five years of continued research and practice.

Karasick has exhibited his works in solo and group exhibitions across North America, Asia and Europe. He has exhibited alongside artists such as Anish Kapoor and Bill Viola at Sublime Embrace at the AGH (Ontario, Canada) and Nobuyoshi Araki and Matt Collishaw in London. He currently lives and works in the UK.

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