Li Zhenhua 李振华

Li Zhenhua is a Beijing/Zurich-based multi-media artist, curator, writer and producer for international and Chinese contemporary culture. He is the founding-director of Beijing Art Lab, a virtual and physical platform for art, research, and exchange, as well as of Mustard Seed Garden. He is currently head-curator of Art Basel Hong Kong’s Film section (2015). Since 2010 he is nominator for the Summer Academy at the Zentrum Paul Klee Bern (Switzerland), as well as for The Prix Pictet (Switzerland). He was a member of the International Advisory Board for ‘Digital Revolution’ at the Barbican Centre in 2014, jury-member for the Transmediale Award in 2010 and advisor for Leonardo, Journal of Arts, Science and Technology.

In 2010 he was chief planner for the Shanghai eARTS Festival. He has participated in various symposia on new media art in leading galleries and museums around the world, such as ZKM Karlsruhe (2003), Walker Art Centre Minneapolis (curated the WAVE project) and Guangzhou Museum. Li has exhibited in the Ghuangzhou Triennale (2005) and in ‘Beam me Up’ at the new media art institution in Basel, Switzerland. His first solo-exhibition, ‘NOTHING IS EVERYTHING’ was held at Galerie Lucy Mackintosh in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2012.

He has produced the first international new media art festival MAAP, at Beijing Millennium Museum in 2002 and brought the London festival ‘onedotzero moving image’ to Beijing’s Today Art Gallery in 2004. Li was project manager and producer of the ‘Synthetic Time: Media Art China’ at NAMOC (National Art Museum of China) in 2008, curator for ‘CINA CINA CINA’ in CCCS Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, and of the 3rd Nanjing Triennial. In 2006, Li was appointed executive producer of the Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium.

Li has edited several artists’ publications, including ‘Yan Lei: What I Like to Do’ (Documenta, 2012), ‘Hu Jieming: One Hundred Years in One Minute’ (2010), ‘Feng Mengbo: Journey to the West’ (2010), and ‘Yang Fudong: Dawn Mist, Separation Faith’ (2009). A collection of his art reviews has been published under the title ‘Text’ in 2013.

Li Zhenhua at Mustard Seed Garden

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