Jonathan Monaghan

Jonathan Monaghan, born 1986 in New York, is an artist who creates video installations that challenge the boundaries between the real, the imagined, and virtual. Pulling from wide-ranging sources such as science fiction and baroque architecture, he creates bizarre yet compelling narratives and imagery with the same high end technology used by Hollywood and video games.

His work has been exhibited widely, including group exhibitions at The Sundance Film Festival, The Minneapolis Institute of Art, and Postmasters Gallery. Solo exhibitions of his work include bitforms gallery in New York, Spazio Ridotto in Venice and Market Gallery in Glasgow. His work has been featured by The Washington Post, VICE, The Huffington Post, and The Village Voice. Monaghan is represented by bitforms gallery in New York.

Jonathan Monaghan 1986 年出生于纽约,他的多媒体装置作品徘徊在现实,想象和虚拟的边界,创作灵感来源于科幻和巴洛克风格建筑。他对叙事和图像的处理充满怪异,但引人注目,往往具有高端好莱坞和视频游戏的华丽风格。他参加过诸多群展:圣丹斯电影节,明尼阿波利斯艺术学院和 Postmasters 画廊。他的个展包括:纽约 bitforms 画廊,威尼斯Spazio Ridotto 和格拉斯哥 Market 画廊。他的作品曾被华盛顿邮报、VICE、赫芬顿邮报和The Village Voice 所采用。Monaghan 目前与纽约 bitforms 画廊签约。

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