Bjørn Melhus | Sudden Destruction 突然毁灭 | 04:20
Julia Charlotte Richter | Promised Land 承诺之地 | 11:21
Michael Brynntrup | You-and-me 你和我 | 03:30
Reynold Reynolds | Six Apartments 六间公寓 | 12:07
Nicolás Rupcich | ML | 01:43
Clemens Wilhelm | Peter is Dead 彼得死了 | 14:48
Jonathan Monaghan | Life Tastes Good 生命有味 | 02:55
Constantin Hartenstein | FIT 健身 | 04:42
Oval Office | The Vault 地窖 | 07:10
Isabell Spengler | Permanent Residents 固定居民 | 09:30
Elizabeth Wurst | Liquid Crystals 液体钻石 | 02:47
Amy Reid | Games 游戏 | 11:30
Lilli Kuschel | The Battle 战斗 | 02:33
Francisco Montoya Cázarez | Don Ramón 朵·拉蒙 | 02:36

Is the end of the world near? Who is to blame for the current crisis? Are we addicted to picture taking? Do we live our lives in isolation? Do we still experience the world or only a mediated experience? What happens to our photos after we die? Is advertising the driving force behind overconsumption? Are we obsessed with our bodies? How alienated are we in the age of social media? Are fantasy worlds an alternative to everyday life? Is our love for technology perverted? What would we do if we were old but had a lot of money? What happens if there are no more movies to be made? And what does it mean to have a long life? The International Program shows a collection of 14 artists' work, who reflect on these and many more questions. The videos share a certain mood of estrangement. In many of the works it seems as if one is looking at something familiar but this something has already changed its meaning. In each video, there seems to be something wrong with the presented image. There is a strange mood of subconscious unease oozing out of the works. But there is also hope, there is humour, there is the absurdity of existence itself.
世界末日快到了么?如今的危机应该责备谁?我们是否拍摄成瘾?我们是否生活得孤立?我们是否还在体验这 个世界,还是一切都只是媒体经验?等我们死后,我们的照片怎样了?是否广告是我们过渡消费的罪魁祸首? 我们是否对自己的身体着迷?在社会媒介的时代,我们是如何被离间的?幻想的世界是我们平凡生活的替代品 么?我们对技术的偏爱是否被扭曲了?如果我们很老了却还有很多钱怎么办?如果再也没有人生产电影了怎么 办?长寿的意义是什么? 国际项目展示了14位艺术家的作品。他们反思了以上的,甚至更多的问题。这些影像都展现出了一种疏远的情 绪。大部分的作品都让我们感觉是某人在观察某种熟悉的东西,但其意义却早已被改变了。每一个影像都让我 们觉得其呈现出的图像似乎有些异常。有一种奇怪的潜意识的焦虑情绪,从作品中溢出。但其中也有希望,有 幽默,有存在本身的荒谬。


Christoph Schlingensief | Für Elise 至爱丽丝 | 01:56
Lior Shamriz | Before the Flowers of Friendship Faded Friendship Faded 友情之花凋谢前 | 07:15
Julia Charlotte Richter | Learning to Fly 学习飞翔 | 08:47
Clemens Wilhelm | Kiki the War Dog 奇奇-战争之狗 | 23:34
Rebecca Loyche | Still Life 1 静物1 | 05:12
Constantin Hartenstein | Rudelübergabe 传递船桨的仪式 | 10:14
Stefan Ewald | Birkensee 比尔克湖 | 08:59
Villa Vaudeville | Gabi oder Zwei Farben Gelb 扎比或者两块黄色 | 23:58
Nike Arnold | Hades Treptow 地狱 特雷普托 | 09:44

Why does the German national anthem sound so strange? Why do most friendships not last for life? What drives old men to sing in a choir? What can one learn from a dog? Is the destruction of a city the exception or the rule? Do cultural traditions and consumerism go together? Why are family holidays often so intense? How did the family members drift apart so much? Why do we try to hide death? This program presents a selection of works by artists living in Germany who portray their home country in very different ways. This series of videos attempts to communicate something about the feeling of being a German or living in Germany. Some aspects may appear particularly German, others are more universal and could apply to any other country. What can be said about a country in general? How do you describe your home? Would it be a declaration of love or hate? Do you get caught up in stereotypes or do you dig a little deeper?
为什么德国国歌听起来那么奇怪?为什么大部分的友谊没能延续终生?是什么让一个老人加入唱诗班?我们可 以从一只狗身上学到什么?一个城市的毁灭是特例还是规则?文化传统或习俗是否可以共融?为什么家庭假期 如此匆忙?家庭成员如何变得如此疏远?为什么我们要隐藏死亡? 这个项目展示了一批生活在德国的艺术家的作品。他们用许多不同的方式描述了他们的祖国。这一系列作品是 尝试传递一种作为德国人或生活在德国的体验。有些方面显得非常有德国特色。而其他的则显得普遍,或者说 适用于其他国家。我们面对一个国家可以说些什么?你会怎样描述你的家乡?它意味着爱或者恨么?你会陷入 刻板的印象还是你会挖掘出一些更深层的东西?